A Bigger Penis = More Pleasure

You might be wondering, does a bigger penis really equate to more pleasure? Despite what your mate might tell you, all women know that yes, it does! Thats why men with large penises brag about it, and why women eyeball a mans package when they are interested. Its the subject of many conversations and debates, but the ones who know, i.e., the females, when asked honestly, all respond with a resounding YES!

Last year, 50 sexually active female undergraduate students were asked whether penis width or length was more important for their sexual satisfaction. Results: Zero women reported that they did not know, or that it makes no difference. 90% reported that greater width means more pleasure, showing that size really does matter. With VIMAX youll grow in girth (inches around the penis) as well as length (inches long). Although women reported that width is important, a study done in 1998 concluded that general penis size, mostly penis length, was an important visual stimulation for women before the act. The study also reported that women do need visual stimulation, although not as much as men does… and theres nothing like a large penis when you want stimulation.

Pleasing a woman isnt as easy as it sounds. The G-spot, which used to be mocked as a myth, is in a very difficult-to-reach area. If your penis could bend like your finger, youd have no trouble at all, but then again your finger has to bend because its slender, and not enough to really fill her up. A small or slender penis still does not reach the G-Spot in most sexual acts, because that tricky spot retracts, and is still located up and behind that inner ridge. If you compare that to a large penis, youll see that the greater size causes the vagina to stretch a bit, forming more of a tube shape. This makes every part of the inner walls reachable, even the G-Spot. This stimulation is what women need in order to reach orgasm.

Put more simply, the walls of the vagina have many thousands of nerve endings, and the more surface contact is made, the more nerves are being stimulated at a time. Having a larger penis allows you to rub on more surface area, causing more nerves to be stimulated at once. Its that one nerve youre really after, but in order to get there, you must think of all the others as well.

Sex can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your life. It may strengthen your relationship with your partner.

And if the results are permanent, even better. Yes, youve heard correctly.
You control the growth, because once youve reached your optimal size, you could stop taking Vimax Pills (couldĀ  because its not necessary to stop taking them , but this option is available for you , if you wish )And the results of the growth are permanent , with or without taking the pills after youve reached your ideal size.

Adding VIMAX to your ordinary day life might bring that something you were looking for and your wife too.

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