A Story Told By Blonde Girls

Single-game assists hat-trick! Anderson has become Manchester United’s iron bench, suddenly bright spots in this contest and Chelsea. Albeit league cup, but opponents but Chelsea, and configuration than Manchester United powerful lineup. Brazilians in this balance of power game gap to send the ball three times a flash in the pan, and almost let Manchester United away to clinch a why the players was also replaced in the middle? Full Yinfugesen to take him in the weekend league play in handy!

Sometimes personal record total inadvertently came to Manchester United over five seasons, Anderson Prior total assists in 14 games 15 times, the only time single-game assists twice, the same place in the Carling Cup, but it was rivals Barnsley but three shots hit at Chelsea who believe Anderson before the game that they did not think over. And three times, once more than once exciting, picking up large cheap assists, from the beginning to the last two tie break but Chelsea quite the quality of the defensive line, peak Anderson are not so high-spirited too.

Assists for the first time, in fact, is of Cech and Romeu together committed an error causes the, Cech door ball turned out to choose the location is not good Romeu, and he will not only need to turn around the face of the door, and in Anderson and Kat Gus. Anderson came up to gently poke, Giggs ball scored the first ball of the individual race of the new season. The difficulty is not high, but perhaps it is this ball inspired Anderson dried up long-creativity.

Second assists, Anderson received backcourt steals Zhisai, followed by his swift turn around and see at the same time has begun to run Hernandez, a the foot moment personal observation perspective from Anderson, he should aware of Hernandez and not crossing the line, his left foot bomb pass, but also just to “small pea” running slightly in front, forming a complete cast speed onrush the absolute fast break goal. Assists for the third time, is the classic trench warfare off the ball first in Nani, Anderson two pincer in transition to a pass, Nani smooth cut a few out up plugging Louis and then pick the far corner into the room, the Manchester United the most exciting field goal, Anderson middle of such a “modified” Nani played the Latin football’s charm. 60 minutes, 3 assists, and all of them are wonderful, from Porto debut, Anderson was preceded by the title II Ronaldinho, but Manchester United five years, Anderson has never had such a wonderful play, you can say that this one night he was five years to the most game like Ronaldinho.

It is needless to say what? Anderson, also where to see the injury healed? In a few days ago to accept the “Sun” interview, Anderson said two years injuries dragged him. Anderson said: “It’s difficult, I do not want to miss the game, but also to understand if not one hundred percent good, you’ll have to wait and I had desperately wanted to appearances in advance, the result will provoke more injuries out. Anyway, I would also like to through (knee and Achilles tendon) completely say “it is clear that these injuries, at least almost, did not able to stop in limited playing time, Anderson showed their own level, although not enough to make own continuous play with energy and perfectly healthy body.

Enough to dispel the suspicions of many people in this war, Anderson still occupy an important position at Manchester United, even if he has not yet reached the best state in the body, the game in the middle of Ferguson replaced, in addition to the physical care, it seems to to the Brazilians leave a fight in the position in the league, perhaps Anderson’s another spring came. Perhaps Anderson had foreseen that they can accomplish something, last month in an interview with the Manchester Evening News, he said: “For me, this is the world’s best club, I am very happy here, where there are five years, encountered many difficulties, but I came through, ah. ”

This is Anderson 151 games for Manchester United to play the race, the first 150 games of those days, the climax, lost, and even came close to being sold to go depressed, 151 field goals, Anderson and stand on a new starting point for 24-year-old, he will be in later years, to bring Manchester United fans what kind of excitement and joy?

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